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Who cares how old Amy Winehouse was when she died? And does the 27 club really exist?

Amy Winehouse  was found dead  in her flat in Camden, London, last Saturday. This should not come as a surprise to anyone. Still, it is something shocking, maybe because the tragedy was slowly unfolding in front of anybodys’ eyes. In the tabloids there was not a day without the pictures of her terrifyingly skinny legs, or […]

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The “media armageddon day” is close….at least in the UK

On Tuesday 19th July 2011, the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee of the House of Commons questioned Rupert Murdoch and his son James for more than three hours. For the first time in 40 years of doing business in the UK, the media tycoon had to go before an inquiring committee and give an […]

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Some context: WHAT HAPPENED?

London – A big scandal started from the News of the World (NoW), one of the best selling papers in the country. The paper, 2.8 million copies sold every week, suddenly had to close last Sunday. The recent events are jeopardizing Murdoch’s empire, that is now tottering in the UK. And from today, also the FBI is […]

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Lo “squalo” Murdoch che rischia di annegare

Non sarei potuta capitare a Londra in un momento migliore dal punto di vista giornalistico. Alcune testate inglesi di Rupert Murdoch, una sorta di citizen Kane in salsa inglese, (possiede: Fox e Fox Entertaiment, Sky, Wall Street Journal, The Sun,  Dow Jones, per citarne alcune)  sono state accusate di assoldare investigatori privati per spiare i telefoni di […]

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